Tiana Geisen, Professional Organizer

     During the summer of 2014, I acquired a job working for a reputable professional organizing business. At the time I wasnt even aware that such companies exhisted, but I was extremely fortunate to be working for a woman who is highly knowledgable in this field. Previously a psychologist, my mentor taught me all the in's and out's of the business. More importantly to understand how the human psyche works, and how to retain a language and skillset that is required in order to successfully clean and organize peoples homes.

     I quickly became very passionate about what I was doing. I finally found a job where I was truly bettering the quality of peoples' lives. I went from working in retail, which I now reflect on as pushing product, to creating a company who's sole purpose is to help others live happier and healthier lifestyles.

     I feel honored to share that I have had clients end up in tears once they see the results of what we've accomplished, and helping someone reach that kind of happiness is a feeling you have to experience in order to fully unerstand. What was once a summer job is now my lifelong career.

     If you feel like you are ready to declutter, downsize, redecorate or have any other lifestyle changing desires please dont hesitate to give me a call. The initial consultation is free of charge and I look forward to helping out in any way I can! I look farward to hearing from you.

Best Regards, 

Tiana Geisen 

A Sneak Peak Consultation

Decluttering and organizing your home can sometimes be overwhelming, and not to mention, A LOT of work. That’s why we are here to help. We take care of all the heavy lifting, the sorting, the cleaning, the categorizing, the transportation of items, and any other stressful or undesirable tasks that go along with the organizing process.

The key to not getting overwhelmed is to KEEP THE END RESULT in mind. Yes, pulling all of your items out and categorizing them together in the middle of the room may temporarily look like a Tasmanian Devil just plowed through the space, but doing this allows you to put into perspective how many items you have acquired over the years... and for most people, this is the first step to realizing how much "baggage" you have unnecessarily been holding onto for the past year, years, or even decades.

The most shocking part about it is that 90% of those items have barely been used, but have been held onto just in case there’s that "one occasion" that you may want it for. Sound familiar? The reality is that if you barely used it when it was new, you are more likely to go out and buy something for whatever occasion you may have been holding on to it for. This is a perfect example of why it is important to let go of things that you don’t use anymore in order to keep things from piling up and suffocating your space.

I want to stress the word "suffocating" because although it may seem a little dramatic, having too many items can do just that... make you feel suffocated. Unused items have a way of sucking the energy out of the space it lives within. Ever wonder why you dread putting your laundry away? Or putting something in the garage storage, etc? Chances are you have unused items within those spaces, and don’t like being around them because it makes you feel overwhelmed. The reason you feel overwhelmed is because subconsciously (or consciously) you know the time is overdue to get rid of things, but without the proper help it can seem like it will be a lifetime before you get through the task. So you put if off another day and continue to dread doing simple tasks like putting your clean clothes away.

Let us help you breathe again! The beauty of doing this process all at once is that it makes a huge difference once you get through it. A process in which takes a third of time when you have a professional organizer there to utilize all the knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of these overwhelming, yet simple tasks.

I promise, the end result is beyond worth it. I can teach you the tips, tricks, and tools that are necessary to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and am here to help you get back on track if you ever go astray!