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Website Aug. 5, 2018

Elias Rabelo

You did a great job!!!!

Jun. 12, 2016


"I hired Tiana to help me design a few different rooms of my home and was blown away by her artistic vision and professional demeanor. Tiana was able to recognize exactly what I wanted to do with the different spaces and she brought those ideas to life
without fail. One of the things that I loved most about working with Tiana is that she was able to create a cohesive look that was representative of my personal style, while at the same time incorporating a touch of her own vision which made the projects feel
fresh and unique to my home. Tiana isn't your cookie-cutter interior designer, if you want to work with the best I highly recommend giving Tiana a call. I know I will be using her again for future household design projects."

Apr. 8, 2016

Lana G

I've never been a very organized person and my closet, although I had plenty of space, was becoming a NIGHTMARE. I found Tiana by a referral from a friend, called for a consultation, and she came that week up to my home in Los Angeles.

We started with my closet.. Went through my clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, luggage, EVERYTHING I had such a hard time getting rid of on my own. I never thought the day would come that I let go of so much stuff!! At first I was apprehensive, but she assured
me what a relief it would be and how much space I would be creating for stuff that I really wanted, and boy was she right!

Once we were through it all (about 6 black trash bags full) and we knew what we had to work with, we designed my closet and bathroom from floor to ceiling. She knew ALL the best places to go for the best value and even brought some pieces with her after seeing
the space at my consultation. She hung every piece of clothing I still wanted on uniform hangers (in an order that finally made sense) and it was already starting to look better. She then installed the shelving units and added the baskets, shoe racks etc.
and my closet started to look like something from a magazine! I scheduled two more days with her and my vision became an affordable, tangible reality. I love my space and it has been so easy to maintain :) thank you so much Tiana!!

Jul. 7, 2015

Meagan S

Simply amazing!! I had Tiana come out for 8 hours on a Saturday, 2 of which I had to leave to get a medical test. She never wavered, worked hard and needed little guidance. She has a natural gift for organization and design, and a work ethic that can't
be beat. I highly recommend her and her employees for your needs. Even if your need is something that is embarrassing to you, don't let that be a reason to stop you from calling this company. There was no judgment at all, just kind understanding that all people
need a hand at times. I plan to repeat my business with her a few times a year here on out as long as I can!